Thank you for submitting your application to My DNA Coach’s Academy, and booking your 1-2-1 consultation. We are really looking forward to connecting with you in person.

The outcome is to get to know you better and personally introduce ourselves via a short 10-minute call. Due to the volume of applicants, we will have a hard finish on the 10-minute mark, but we'll only be asking you two questions and no preparation is required. This will let us establish if you're ready for the commitment of our process and for you to decide if we are the right fit for you.

As we will be offering the opportunity for a few people to go through the our new program at cost price, which will be circa $999 USD + postage for your DNA kit, the coaching, and platform membership will be FREE of charge during this BETA phase. We are limiting the number of members so that we can be heavily involved with those who are selected. This will give our BETA client's a unique opportunity for direct access to the founders throughout this period.

Ahead of the call you'll need to decide if you accept our terms and expectations for BETA, which are as follows:

  • To fully complete the BETA program. We simply don’t want you to invest in something you won’t take action on.
  • To complete feedback for us to improve our curriculum in a constructive and ongoing way. We have feedback forms at each 30-day interval of your curriculum.
  • Be happy to complete a short video testimonial of 2 minutes or less about your experience. This will be used for our future marketing and/or feedback to our teams.
  • Understand that during BETA all of our support will be given within our forum, which is currently a private Facebook group. Our support help desk (via will not be available during BETA, whilst we train our new team. This will allow you unique access to the founders throughout this period.
  • You understand that this is a peer to peer coaching community, meaning we expect you to be welcoming, positive, engaging and helpful to all of our community members. Within our community, you will be able to share your journey throughout your training modules, help and support one another with your workouts and nutrition discoveries, ask questions and answer them independently to help others, provide your own research, do your own critical thinking, and contribute.
  • My DNA Coach is not a "done for you program". You will have to work really hard, be consistent with your training and will be 100% responsible for taking action on your education success. It is best to think of our academy as the “Health & Fitness University”.
  • Be fully aware that if you've already had a DNA test in the past, this will not qualify for the results that we require for the implementation phase of our education platform (your bespoke nutrition and training strategies). We have carefully selected specific genes to be included in our algorithm, which has passed our strict clinical guidelines for inclusion.
  • Acknowledge that we will get things wrong and there will be bumps in this phase. We have worked through multiple versions already in the last 9 months so that our BETA is different to what most would claim to be a 'test product'. In most cases, companies shove a 1st version BETA into the market, only to be revised endless times at the detriment to early adopters.
  • We don’t claim to have all the answers to Health and Fitness, but our promise is to treat you as an individual, unlike 99% of the ‘One Size Fits All’ approaches currently in the market.
  • You fully understand and are aware that once this BETA phase finishes the FREE coaching, community forum and platform access will become a paid membership. You will be offered a discounted monthly membership price at the end of BETA when we switch to the full program as a thank you for your commitment and input during this phase. The cost of this will be confirmed when we launch our full program, which we estimate will be a few months from now. Should you decide not to move forward with the paid membership you will, of course, retain your DNA reports, as these will already be paid for, and use them as you wish.
  • Although My DNA Coach is a start-up, our expertise and passion are not. We are excited to have client's as partners with us, to break new ground and challenge the status quo of the health and fitness industry. If this is something that excites you, and you are open to new ideas, concepts and challenging norms, I suspect My DNA Coach will be a perfect fit.

Should you be happy with these expectations, we really look forward to connecting with your personally, with your application to our BETA program. If not, thank you for taking the time to express your interest and we wish you the best of luck with your future health and fitness journey.

We have provided multiple call slots in the early and later parts of the day to accommodate multiple time zones and schedules. Please be aware that this will be the only way to schedule your call, and we will be unable to individually reply or arrange individual time slots back and forth through email (via This is simply due to the high volume of applicants looking to join us for BETA. Please note all cancellations must be made with 24hrs notice, to ensure that slots are not wasted for others. You can do this via the scheduler.

We are really excited for the call

Jonny Deacon
Founder of My DNA Coach


What Some of Our Clients Say...

"The My DNA Coach flexible approach is something I can fit into my lifestyle"
Henry Holland
CEO of House of Holland
"It’s great to have something that is unique to me"
Nick Grimshaw
BBC Radio One Presenter
"Every human is very unquie, for Jonny to take a customised plan to this, it's really unquie, it's something I haven't seen in the industry and it's going to help a lot of people"
John Lee Dumas
"What really attracted me to My DNA Coach is that it gave me empirical data which is personalised and specific to me rather than a one size fits all"
Alex Eastman
"It's been really eye opening for me!"
Tim Paige
The Voice of Tim Paige
"Jonny is not only doing groundbreaking work by linking DNA testing with fitness, but his personal level of commitment to your success is what really makes the difference."
Ari Meisel
Co-Founder of Leverage
"The revelation of my DNA results has been profound for example after discovering I was a slow metaboliser of caffine, which was actually hindering my running endurance by having a coffee in the morning. I've seen incredble result in my training performances from just this one specific finding. And there are over +45 in the reports backed by science. Truly a game changer!"
Jay Wong
The Inner Changemaker
"I feel like I have a path and a direction and more of a long term solution for myself, something that's ongoing with support and education."
Amy Strong
"These people are just like me, it's not just about how you look in a bikini, it's about how you feel inside."
Sarah Guptill
"The results have just been amazing, in just 6 weeks I just have seen such another level of energy."
Clas Ankarcrona
"The self awareness is really what has helped, the foundation phase of the course has really paid off."
Barry Doran
"How would I ever know that my body needs extra cruciferous vegetables to get rid of toxins, just a few bits of information like that makes it so worth while. I love knowing that when I'm going to the gym I'm doing the ultimate workout for me."
Pat McGuire
"It's about keeping it simple, just get back to basics and what your body is designed to do.. My DNA Coach tells you what your body wants!"
Sarah Murphy
"MyDNACoach gave me the insight I needed to optimise my diet and fitness plan. It's a huge time saver. No more trial and error. I can now focus on the stuff that will give me the best results for my time and effort."
Shaun Latham
Nick Grimshaw
Pat Mcguire
Henry Holland
Sarah Guptill
John Lee Dumas
Ari Meisel
Clas Ankarcrona
Tim Paige
Alex Eastman
Jay Wong

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  • Why you want to make progress in this area of your life? (what's actually driving you, for yourself, your family..)
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