Thank you for submitting your application to My DNA Coach’s Academy.

The next step is to book your 1-2-1 application call. We are really looking forward to connecting with you in person and finding out more about the challenges you are currently having with your health and fitness. Here are some things you need to know about our application process before using the link at the bottom of this page to book your call:

  • The investment is $999 USD plus post of your DNA kit paid upfront for 12 months membership. We coach one person per membership.
  • There is a skype application process with Jonny or one of his accredited coaches.
  • As far as we are aware we are the only company in the world to offer a 30 day money back guarantee on a physical DNA kit, thus we need to make sure that applicants are serious and ready to commit to qualify.
  • We are limiting the number of members so that we can be heavily involved with those who are selected to ensure results for each member.
  • You can have access to our training and nutrition system which constructs your health and fitness program bespoke to your DNA.
  • All of our support is given within our forum which is currently a private Facebook group. Our support help desk (via is purposely not available as we are a peer to peer coaching community which allows our members to grow together. This will allow you unique access to the founders who coach daily inside the community.
  • We expect you to be welcoming, positive, engaging and helpful to all of our community members. You are welcome to share your journey throughout your training modules, help and support one another with your workouts and nutrition discoveries, ask questions and answer them independently to help others along with providing your own research and do your own critical thinking. Contribution is one of our biggest values in our community.
  • My DNA Coach is not a "done for you program". You will have to work hard, be consistent with your training and will be 100% responsible for taking action on your education success. It is best to think of our academy as the “Health & Fitness University”. It will require 30 minutes of your time per day.
  • Be fully aware that if you've already had a DNA test in the past, this will not qualify for the results that we require for the implementation phase of our education platform (your bespoke nutrition and training strategies). This is because we have carefully selected specific genes to be included in our algorithm, which has passed our strict clinical guidelines for inclusion.
  • We will ask you to complete feedback for us to improve your experience and our curriculum in a constructive and ongoing way. We have feedback forms at each 30-day interval of your curriculum.
  • We don’t claim to have all the answers to Health and Fitness, but our promise is to treat you as an individual unlike 99% of the ‘One Size Fits All’ approaches currently in the market.
  • Due to the volume of applicants your call will be 10 minutes with 5 minutes to answer any questions you may have at the end. As we will have a hard finish and in order to maximise your time we will only be asking you two questions on the call and there is no need to prepare. They are nothing to worry about and simply allow us to get to know more about your individual challenges and get clear on the end result you want. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your application call please do so with 24 hrs notice.
  • We look forward to connecting with you in person, and getting you on a journey towards real results based on the science of you.

Kind Regards,


Founder of My DNA Coach

Yes I'm happy with the application process and the expectations of the call and ready to book it now!


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In order to progress with your application for our academy please tell us more about:

  • Your current experience with Health & Fitness? (accomplishments, disappointments, frustrations, knowledge and understanding level)
  • What your ultimate vision is for your Health and Fitness
  • Why you want to make progress in this area of your life? (what's actually driving you, for yourself, your family..)

What Some of Our Clients Say...

"The My DNA Coach flexible approach is something I can fit into my lifestyle"
Henry Holland
CEO of House of Holland
"It’s great to have something that is unique to me"
Nick Grimshaw
BBC Radio One Presenter
"Every human is very unquie, for Jonny to take a customised plan to this, it's really unquie, it's something I haven't seen in the industry and it's going to help a lot of people"
John Lee Dumas
"What really attracted me to My DNA Coach is that it gave me empirical data which is personalised and specific to me rather than a one size fits all"
Alex Eastman
"It's been really eye opening for me!"
Tim Paige
The Voice of Tim Paige
"Jonny is not only doing groundbreaking work by linking DNA testing with fitness, but his personal level of commitment to your success is what really makes the difference."
Ari Meisel
Co-Founder of Leverage
"The revelation of my DNA results has been profound for example after discovering I was a slow metaboliser of caffine, which was actually hindering my running endurance by having a coffee in the morning. I've seen incredble result in my training performances from just this one specific finding. And there are over +45 in the reports backed by science. Truly a game changer!"
Jay Wong
The Inner Changemaker
"I feel like I have a path and a direction and more of a long term solution for myself, something that's ongoing with support and education."
Amy Strong
"These people are just like me, it's not just about how you look in a bikini, it's about how you feel inside."
Sarah Guptill
"The results have just been amazing, in just 6 weeks I just have seen such another level of energy."
Clas Ankarcrona
"The self awareness is really what has helped, the foundation phase of the course has really paid off."
Barry Doran
"How would I ever know that my body needs extra cruciferous vegetables to get rid of toxins, just a few bits of information like that makes it so worth while. I love knowing that when I'm going to the gym I'm doing the ultimate workout for me."
Pat McGuire
"It's about keeping it simple, just get back to basics and what your body is designed to do.. My DNA Coach tells you what your body wants!"
Sarah Murphy
"MyDNACoach gave me the insight I needed to optimise my diet and fitness plan. It's a huge time saver. No more trial and error. I can now focus on the stuff that will give me the best results for my time and effort."
Shaun Latham
Nick Grimshaw
Pat Mcguire
Henry Holland
Sarah Guptill
John Lee Dumas
Ari Meisel
Clas Ankarcrona
Tim Paige
Alex Eastman
Jay Wong
Amy Strong
Ryan Levesque
Tom Breeze
Barry Doran

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